The 2 Different Types of RV Inspections and When You Need Them

When you are ready to purchase your RV and embark on a season of camping adventures, you’ll want to ensure that nothing will interfere with your plans. There are two different types of inspections that your new RV will undergo before you take it home, both making certain it’s ready for your future family trips. After all, an RV is a major investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. connects customers to trusted providers who offer these RV inspection services, so let’s take a look at the differences between the two types.

RV Inspections

The Pre-Purchase Inspection 

A pre-purchase inspection occurs before buying an RV, just like the name implies. The inspector will go through a detailed list of points to check, such as the exterior and interior condition, functionality of the appliances, electrical system, plumbing system, structural integrity, and more. This is similar to taking a used car to a mechanic before purchasing it or the type of evaluation your home would go through during a real estate transaction. This inspection will provide you with a complete assessment of the RV’s condition, safety, and mechanical performance, which you can then use to negotiate the price with the seller.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection 

A pre-delivery inspection is also known as a prep-for-delivery inspection or a PDI, and it takes place after you have committed to purchasing the RV and before it arrives at your home. This inspection offers a final look over all of the systems and components, addresses any issues, and ensures that everything is in optimal working order. The pre-delivery inspection will help you have the confidence that the RV is in the best possible condition before it’s delivered. You definitely don’t want to have any surprises before you get to take it on its very first journey with your family!

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