MobileRVService.com connects providers and customers throughout the US and Canada. You can find direct service provider contact info on our interactive map, close to you or your destination!

Yes! Use the filter on the map to select roadside tire and wheel. We source heavy haul towing as well as diesel garages.

Just select repairs/troubleshooting or slide repair on the map to find many service providers who can get to you quickly.

We need to ensure our listed service providers are performing to our standards, and will follow up with you for any questions. We also send updates to our listings when warranted.

Well, we cannot help with your planning, but we can help if you need something on the way! You can also use the tool to plot your trip and know where help may be in advance, if needed. We have your back, with backup!

No, but many are, and this is listed on their site. What makes an RV service good at servicing units, is the fact that they all have so much experience in many different repairs. You can easily find the right one for you. We encourage providers to be certified, but they are not required to do so. They are required to have high customer service ratings.

Correct, we have found that with so much information on hand, you can make a better repair and logistics decision for you and your family while on the road. If a dealership has the resources, they may be a better option for some repairs. Some service providers also are not mobile – this is all indicated on the provider page and map.

That happens, more than you would think. Find a provider on our map that does awnings and slide toppers, and they can either fix you completely, or advise how to get back on the road to the next stop, with minimal stress!

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