Are These 4 Myths Holding You Back From the RV Life?

For many people, owning an RV and the associated RV lifestyle looks enjoyable from a distance, but they are too hesitant to take the plunge. If you are one of those people, perhaps you’ve heard a horror story about RV ownership that has scared you away. Traveling in an RV may take some work, but the reward makes it all worthwhile. will address four common misconceptions about owning an RV, and we’ll share some ways we can help you get the most out of RV ownership.

RV Service Providers

Myth #1: RVs Are Too Difficult to Manage 

Are you wary of the RV life because you think owning one and camping in it sounds like too much work? That there is too much to remember when it comes to setting up and tearing down for each camping trip? Yes, you need to learn how to operate and manage your RV, but we can help you with that! We have service providers in our network who offer customer orientation training to teach you everything you need to know about your RV.

Myth #2: RVs Are Too Expensive to Maintain 

RV’s require preventative maintenance, like many components inside your home or vehicle. Weather conditions, UV rays, and everyday living can be hard on anything, causing normal wear and tear. offers a network of service providers who can complete any preventative RV maintenance you may need. If you stay current on preventative maintenance, you can minimize the risk of costly issues down the road. 

Myth #3: It’s Too Hard to Find a Service Provider

This myth is debunked by the existence of our network! We are here to make it easy to find a service provider when you need one 24/7, 365 days a year. Our simple goal is to connect RV owners to trusted service providers, and our easy-to-use interface helps you find the best provider fast. Simply enter your information into our search bar to generate a map of providers you can choose from.

Myth #4: It Takes Too Long to Get a Service Appointment 

We will help you find an available service provider fast. We understand that when you have trips planned, you can’t afford to wait weeks or months for RV repair work. When you take advantage of our simple process for connecting with a service provider, you will see a map of fully-vetted providers in your area who are ready to help you. They are even available for emergency RV repairs.

Connect With a Service Provider When You Need One will get you in touch with a service provider that can help you with the RV services you need when you need them. Our interface is completely free for you to use. Contact us for more information on how to find a provider. We have providers across the U.S. and Canada, making finding someone near you easy.