A Checklist to Prepare For Your New Fifth Wheel Camper

Fifth wheel campers are the perfect RV option if you want the maximum amount of space but the freedom to unhitch your vehicle and explore. Fifth wheels are an ideal RV for families and are available in various sizes and floor plans. They offer privacy and layout options unmatched by other large RVs. MobileRVService.com will help you prepare for this new venture with our network of service providers, who can help you work through a checklist for your fifth wheel camper.

Fifth Wheel Camper

Get an Inspection First

Prepare for your new RV with a proper inspection. We can assist with both a pre-purchase inspection and a pre-delivery inspection. During a pre-purchase inspection, the inspector will work through a detailed list of points to check. A pre-delivery inspection will prepare your fifth wheel for delivery. 

Get Your Truck Ready

As you likely know, fifth wheels are the largest towable RV and must be pulled by a large pick-up truck with a special hitch in the truck’s bed for better steering and stability. Our service providers can help determine the best hitch for your vehicle, then install it on your truck so that you are ready for your new fifth wheel.

Get Your Accessories

If you purchase a fifth wheel without all the necessary accessories, we can take care of that for you with some installations. Our providers can design an advanced solar system to help power your RV, or they can install slide toppers and awnings to protect your slide-out. Adding a weight distribution to your fifth wheel will reduce stress on the frame, extending its life. We can provide whatever you need to boost your RV’s functionality.

Get Your RV Cleaned

Once you have your fifth wheel and you are ready to start planning trips, there is one more thing that you might need. Depending on the condition of your camper, you may need to have either the interior or exterior cleaned. This is essential to maintaining the vehicle and prolonging the time between any major repairs. We have many providers who specialize in cleaning and detailing RVs.

Find a Provider

Let MobileRVService.com connect you with a trusted, fully-vetted RV service provider at no cost to you. We’ve already done the work, and you only have to use our simple process on our easy-to-use interface to choose someone near you. You can contact us today for more information about how to find a provider across the U.S. and Canada. Our providers are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and ready to help.