3 Common RV Repairs That Can Be Prevented

Owning and maintaining an RV is a big responsibility, and it can be fraught with challenges if you aren’t careful. While some issues can happen as the result of circumstances outside of your control or even normal wear and tear, some can be prevented. MobileRVService.com has a network of trusted RV service providers that will help you stay on top of maintenance, repairs, installations, and any other service you may need. Let’s take a look at three common RV repairs that can prevented with proper maintenance and care.

RV preventable issues

1. Roof Leaks & Issues

Weather conditions, UV rays, and normal wear and tear can cause the sealant on your RV’s roof to break down. Those circumstances may be out of your control, but regular preventive maintenance will lessen their impact on your RV. You can find a provider who specializes in exterior sealing and roof treatments to help protect your roof from leaks.

2. Battery Problems 

You can avoid problems with your RV’s batteries by checking them regularly and cleaning them as needed. You should also charge the batteries during periods of time when you won’t be using your RV regularly. Using a battery monitoring system can help you keep an eye on your batteries as well. Fortunately, our providers offer emergency roadside service in case you find yourself stranded with a dead battery.

3. Slide-Out & Awning Issues

Slide toppers and awnings protect dirt and debris from covering a slide-out, and our providers can install those for you. Slide-outs and awnings require proper maintenance to keep functioning smoothly, just like everything else on your RV. You’ll need to keep both your slide-outs and awnings clean and free of debris, as well as properly secured during storms with strong winds.

Find a Provider

Schedule regular RV inspections to help you resolve issues before they escalate into larger, costly repairs. You can use MobileRVService.com’s simple, free interface to quickly find a map of available providers near you. Contact us for more information on how to find a provider or how to become oneWe have providers across the U.S. and Canada, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need right when you need it.