Website Release, SEO enhancements, and Signups

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      Hello! has broken the latest record of daily referrals to Technicians…again!  This is why the platform was started two years ago, and is ready for action = to help drive clean leads to trustworthy businesses, and provide real value.

      We are currently seeing loads of new Service Providers sign up daily, and are screening all listings as they come online.  If you are having issues with a location listing, we will be checking within 24-48 hours and correcting anything (typically address/mapping mis-types)  Please remember to (as you type) select the address once it appears in the search bar drop down.  If you do not, the mapping function will put you in the ocean…

      We have implemented a weekly indexing push (this is making sure your individual listings not only get advertised from with paid ads, but also get organically listed for search.)

      If you have any issues with subscription levels, please use the Contact Us link in the top menu.


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